Want to know the latest trends in dressing up walls?

This section leads you into a world where design and d├ęcor merge to make a fashionable statement in walls.
"Painting Technique" is a decorative term that involves the application of one or more colours in a broken layer over a different colour undercoat to create a multi-coloured or textured effect.

All painting techniques start with a base coat in solid colour, followed by a thinner coat of glaze paint. Varying effects can be created either by adding or removing paint from the base coat.

Check The following Painting Techniques: Colour Wash, Ragging, Flame Effect ,Sponging, Marbling & Much more


Colour Wash

An elegant way to enhance interior walls, Colour Washing can be given a variety of textures and patterns depending on the size and type of brushes.


A simple technique, Ragging requires very little equipment. It lends a subtle, elegant touch to plain walls.

Flame Effect

Create realistic impressions of a raging blue sea, or a wild green forest, get the Flame Effect.


A fun and easy technique, Sponging can result in a range of effects depending on the choice of colour, the colour medium, the texture, and size of the sponge.


Marble comes in an incredible variety of colours. Its swirling patterns have long inspired a variety of decorative effects.


To create this painting technique please check Jotun's office in your city for information about products available to achieve the desired effect

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