What’s your dream colour?

Bored with mundane colour choices? Want a complete new look with innovative, dramatic shades? Discover your dream colour with the Jotun Multicolor system, available at all our Multicolor Centers. Make use of the valuable guidance that we provide on colour choices and product information!
The Concept

Tools & Facilities
Get to know the various tools and facilities available at the Multicolor Centers- read below.


Check out the Colour Bar

and pick your colour from an astonishing array of over 800 colours, all from the Natural Colour System (NCS).

See how your choice looks on applied sample displays. Learn new trends, updates in the world of colours, and new painting techniques. We want you to know your paints better.


Bring in your colour sample

to the nearest Jotun Multicolor centre. A computerised Minolta Colour Reader system will digitally scan the colour, and replicate the same shade as a water-based or oil-based paint.


Any colour in less than 3 minutes.

Extensive research has resulted in the creation of our tinting machines that can produce more than 16,000 shade saved in the database.

The tinting machine provide endless colour choice for residencial interior as well commercial.


Try it now!

Learn about it

Who can use it?


When to use it?


What is Colour Adviser? What are the features that help you choose colours? Where to Find it? How to operate it?Read more >>


General information:

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