The coating advisor's role
InspectorAs responsible for the paint inspection, the coating advisor has a very important role in the paint project. Very often different kinds of work in a project conflict with the paint work. Lack of understanding of the importance of correct paint work often results in weakness in the paint film and reduced lifetime or higher maintenance cost for the construction.

The coating advisor will ensure that this doesn't happen and report deviation that may cause reduced lifetime for the paint film. Inspector

To have a Jotun coating advisor on your project is a quality assurance for you as owner. Typical responsibilities for a coating advisor are to ascertain that:

  • Only valid specifications are used and these are adhered to
  • Surface preparation of steel is correctly done, e.g. rounding of sharp edges, grinding of surface defects and removal of weld splatter
  • Paints, anodes and other consumables (e.g. degreasers, thinners) are used correctly
  • Equipment for preparation and application is in good operating order
  • Paints are stored correctly
  • Preparation, ambient conditions, coating thickness and time intervals between coats are checked and the result documented in accordance with requirements
  • Safety and environmental regulations are adhered to
  • Operators are qualified in accordance with requirements
  • Testing and analyses are carried out in a correct way with calibrated and correct test equipment
  • Work, inspection and testing are documented and reported in an acceptable manner

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