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Standards and quality of workmanship
Paint is a semi-product. You cannot determine the properties and lifetime of a paint system until the paint is applied and cured. Your selection of a paint system should be based on lifetime, environmental and service conditions. Implementition of correct standards and quality of workmanship are of primary importance to your selection of a system.

Theoretical and practical training
ClassroomJotun Paint School provides both theoretical and practical training with customers participating in various types of courses. Seminars and individually designed courses, in co-operation with the customer and selected external lecturers, can be organised.
Typically, Jotun Paint School may include the following modules:
  • Theory presented in a plenum session
  • Practical training in dedicated rooms
We have found that combining theory with practical training is a major contributor towards achieving excellent recall amongst participants. We tailor course content carefully in order to meet the needs of participant groups. Training is concentrated upon four areas. Each area has modules which are based upon one, or a combination, of the following:
  • Paint applicationPre-treatment: Methods, Standards, SHE, Inspection
  • Application: Do's and don'ts, Technique, SHE, Inspection
  • Paint failures: Appearance, Causes, How to avoid, Repair
  • Paint technology: Types, Constituents, Protection, Curing
Jotun Paint School is dedicated to improving knowledge and standards.

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