Balloxy HB Light
Proven technology, reliable and lasting protection - special designed for water ballast tanks and related areas - Balloxy HB Light provides unique benefits to ensure optimum protection.
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Inside ballast tankBalloxy HB Light is probably the world's best ballast tank coating and certainly the best known. It is a surface tolerant, two-pack, high build, epoxy mastic based coating specially designed for ballast tanks.
It has exceptional wetting properties, the very best surface penetration and adhesion and provides the ultimate foundation for durability.
Balloxy HB Light is resistant to abrasion, mechanical damage, stress and exposure to the elements.
It can be applied up to 300 µm in a sinle coat without sagging (Jotun however recommend 2 x 150 µm coats).
It can be applied directly to prepared surfaces whether, blast cleaned, power tool or hand tool prepared or water jetted. It is also compatible with most other generic types of paint and with cathodic protection.
Balloxy HB Light provides optimum ballast tank protection for the life span of your newbuilding. Balloxy HB Light is designed specifically for ballast tank protection. When combined with a sacrificial anode cathodic protection system it provides unrivalled, lasting protection.
Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC) demonstrates that this combination, when applied at newbuilding, will deliver substantial financial benefits compared with other types of coatings. The LCC comprises labour, energy and paint of the first application and the cost of maintenance.

  • Specifically formulated for ballast tanks
  • Easy to apply by brush or airless spray
  • Up to 300 microns* in a single coat
  • Visual mixing control
  • Visual thickness control
  • Wintergrade curing - down to -5oC
  • User friendly - tar-free, no isocyanates
  • Apply direct to prepared surfaces including pretreatment by water jetting
  • Light colours improve control, simplify inspections, allow alternate colours for each coat

Combining Balloxy HB Light with cathodic protection is a highly effective method of ballast tank protection - Jotun provides both coatings and cathodic protection.

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