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A correct, well planned choice of paint system for a newbuilding and its subsequent maintenance is decisive, in the long run, to its profitability. Painting must therefore be taken seriously.

Maintenance of paint work is based primarily on two requirements, to keep the ship clean and tidy, a pleasant place in which to work and a proud representative of her country's and owners flags when in foreigh waters. Secondly it isto prevent corrosion and fouling thereby maintaining maximum efficiency and, hence, value. To counteract the efforts of corrosion and fouling are therefore the principal considerations when choosing a paint system and planning maintenance of paintwork.

Red shipIn planning maintenance work Jotun's highly trained and experienced Technical Advisors assess and analyse each customer's particular protective coating requirements. With direct access to the Jotun Technical Department, they bring an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience to solve the most complex protection problem.
They are on hand to ensure compliance with pretreatment procedures and application standards.
Technical service personnel are certified to FROSIO or NACE certification standard.

Products and systems
Jotun's special expertise in the science and technology of corrosion and fouling prevention is built on investment, innovation and practical knowledge earned in the protection of more than 15,000 vessels.
Paints for maintenance should be simple to use and capable of being applied by brush, roller or spray to cleaned surfaces and they should be quick to dry. Jotun Paints products meet these needs, each product and system has been proven in-service use in every sea in the world.

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