Antifouling Range

Fouling protection is essential for maintaining speed and schedule. This also influences the fuel consumption and subsequently the environmental impact due to emissions to the air.

The maritime industry carries about 90% of the world’s trade, and close to 4% of the total emission to air comes from this trade. Efficient fouling protection is therefore important to reduce the carbon footprint from this industry.

Design of an antifouling system must be based on factors such as the vessel’s speed, operation rate and area of operation. Jotun - as one of the world’s leading suppliers of fouling protection - can offer a wide range of self polishing antifouling coatings together with an alternative biocide free fouling release coating:


SeaQuantum is the world’s most advanced antifouling with more than 10 years of commercial experience on more than 6.000 vessels. A controlled release of biocides over time ensures a linear polishing rate with a low leached layer. Jotun’s SeaQuantum range is designed to meet any customer need on any type of vessel.

SeaMate is the reliable long-lasting protection provided by balancing the polishing rate and leaching rate of biocides. This is the ultimate all-round antifouling for vessels that require a coating with great mechanical strength and shorter drying time. Service intervals are up to 90 months.

SeaForce is the economical solution which combines performance, protection and predictability. The product range includes SeaForce 30, SeaForce 60 and SeaForce 90 - all designed to meet your needs.


Fouling attached to the vessel's hull, rudder or propeller whilst stationary or slow moving is rapidly removed when the vessel is in motion - with no reduction in speed or increase in power.



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