Certification of personnel

The new IMO rules for ballast tanks require coating advisors to be FROSIO red- or NACE II certified.
Certification of personnel is an issue of growing importance within corrosion prevention.

Jotun utilises professional certification bodies such as FROSIO and NACE who issue Certificates of conformity. Read more about these organisations:

FROSIO is one of the leading and most extensive training programmes for coating advisors under the auspices of "The Norwegian Professional Council for Education and Certification of Inspectors for Surface Treatment".

Basis for the FROSIO education is the Norwegian Standard NS 476: Rules for the approval of surface treatment inspectors. This shall ensure that inspections are carried out professionally prior to, during and subsequent to surface treatment of metallic materials.

Since 2006 Jotun has been an approved training body from FROSIO. Our approved lecturers world-wide train the candidates during an 80 hours intensive programme with practical and theoretical lessons. FROSIO arranges the exam and provides the students who pass with a certificate.

Certified coating advisors are intended to be part of quality assurance systems based on e.g. the ISO 9000 series.

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