Tankguard range

Tailor-made tank coatings

A range of coatings are required to protect different type of tanks against corrosion and their cargo against contamination.


Which coating system to use, depends on ship type, trade pattern and type- and aggressiveness of the chemicals and solvents to be shipped.


Customers have individual needs and may be forced to choose between coatings that are resistant to the broadest range of cargoes or a clearly defined cargo/group of chemicals.


Resistance list
To help choosing the right coating, we have developed a web-based resistance list. This includes all our specially designed tank coatings against over 14,000 chemicals. The resistance list includes an advanced search function and a calculation tool.
The programme has the advantage of being useable on-line as well as downloadable for those customers not always on the net.


Product range
To cover the most common needs, the Tankguard range comprises three generic types of paint; zinc silicate, epoxy and phenolic epoxy.

Tankguard ZincSolvent resistant zinc silicate
Tankguard CPCQuality epoxy for clean petroleum products
Tankguard HBHigh quality epoxy tank coating
Tankguard SpecialExcellent phenolic epoxy tank coating
Tankguard Special UltraSuperior novolac phenolic epoxy resistant to the broadest range of cargoes

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