Balloxy HB Lumi
Balloxy HB Lumi provides all the benefits of Balloxy HB Light, plus reduced inspection time, and improved quality of first application
Final inspection after second coat: Under the UV lamp defective areas show as bright spots

Balloxy HB Lumi provides all the benefits of Balloxy HB Light. An Optically Active Additive is incorporated in the paint which makes it react to ultra violet light.
When the first coat is applied, ultra violet light from a specialist lamp is shone on to the surface to monitor the quality of the application. Areas of high film thickness will appear much brighter than low film thickness. First coat defects or areas of under thickness show up as "black" spots under UV light. Remedial work can then be undertaken.
When the second coat is inspected, any areas that have defects will be seen and, again, these can be remedied.
This information, and the condition of the coating can be easily monitored and photographed throughout the life of the vessel.
Balloxy HB Lumi provides great advantages in saving time, whilst improving the standards of inspection, together with potential savings in material.
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