Jotatemp 650

Prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Corrosion under insulation is one of the most costly problems attacking processing industry today. A major oil company states that CUI accounts for more unexpected down-time than all other possible causes combined.


A coating in this environment must withstand an aggressive environment and have certain application properties to make it a viable solution. Jotatemp 650 is an Inert Multipolymeric Matrix coating meeting these demands;


  • Prevents CUI during construction, shut-down or low temperature periods
  • Provides corrosion protection at extremely high and low temperatures
  • Tested and approved by Oil Majors
Key benefits
High Efficiency
Productivity is increased through:
  • Wide temperature range for application - can be applied at up to 260°C
  • High build – saving application time
  • One component - no mixing required
  • Limited surface preparation – saving time

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General information:

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