Penguard Express

Speeding up the production process - a coating system can be completed in a day, even at low temperatures.
Fast drying, high build 2-pack epoxies:
  • Penguard Express, anticorrosive primer or intermediate coat
  • Penguard Express ZP, pigmented with zinc phosphate for increased corrosion protection
  • Penguard Express MI0, reinforced with micaceous iron oxide pigments for increased barrier effect, increased hardness and improved adhesion of subsequent coats
Areas of application range from structural steel to constructions exposed to tough atmospheric environment.

Key benefits
High Efficiency
  • Fast drying
    • speeds up the process and improves efficiency for applicators, contractors and steel fabricators
    • reduces the need for space to dry painted structures
    • reduces risk of damage during transport/handling
  • High build
    • saves application time - saves money
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