Jotamastic range

Tailor-made corrosion protection for maintenance
The Jotamastic products are suitable for steel, aluminium and other substrates in tough environments such as:
  • energy, offshore, HPI and general infrastructure
  • ballast tanks, under water hulls, top sides, superstructures and cargo holds (suitable for grain carriage)
Major advantages - saving time and money
Lower pre-treatment and less downtime
Penetration and adhesion are key factors for tolerating low surface preparation. A hydrocarbon resin with excellent wetting properties makes the Jotamastic products ideal for maintenance:
  • Hand grinding (St 2) or water jetting is enough providing the surface is clean and sound
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Can be used over most generic types of coatings
See how Jotamastic pentrates into the surface ( Macromedia Flash, 16 Kb)

Video, Jotamastic range
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