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Jotun products have all been designed and formulated to fulfil certain aims. Every product is the result of intensive research and development combining state-of-the-art technology with innovative thinking, practical knowledge, and experience.

Protects structural steel in the period before and after fabrication.

Zinc rich epoxy primer with excellent corrosion protection

Speeding up the production process - a coating system can be completed in a day

The universal high build epoxy coating

Fast drying, high build epoxies speeding up the production process. A coating system can be completed in a day, even at low temperatures.

Ideal for harsh environments and areas in splash or tidal zone.

Advanced epoxy mastic technology with unique formulations. Delivers the toughest protection of steel surfaces in a wide range of environments.

Hardtop Optima is a high solids polysiloxane topcoat with outstanding gloss and colour retention.

A flexible and impact resistant polyurethane topcoat. Has proven excellent for high impact areas where most other products are too brittle.

A high solids, high performance polyurethane topcoat with excellent spray properties and improved properties for application by brush and roller – appreciated by all applicators.

Provides a durable, high-grade finish that protects and makes structures exposed to aggressive atmospheres look good.

Hardtop CA is a two component acrylic topcoat with good colour and gloss retention - an excellent alternative to a polyureathane topcoat.

Direct-to-metal, quick drying and high-build acrylic topcoat.

Fast alternative to alkyd topcoats.

Easy-to-use, high gloss alkyd topcoat.

Exceptional protection against abrasion and corrosion, even in the most hostile environments.

Combines corrosion protection that is equal to or better than high performance solvent-borne coatings with cost and environmental benefits.

Protects and extends the life of the floors whilst providing aesthetically pleasing effects in a variety of colours.

A New era of mesh free epoxy PFP

Steelmaster intumescent coatings provide fire protection of structural steelwork.


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