Jotachar JF750

Jotachar JF750
A New era of mesh free epoxy PFP
Jotachar JF750 is part of Jotun’s Jotachar ‘The Time Saving Solution’. Developed with advanced fibre matrix technology, combined with a robust and temperature stable insulating char, Jotachar JF750 eliminates the need for the complicated traditional mesh reinforcement, reduces complexity and makes it significantly faster to apply, saving time and cost.

Fully tested and compliant to NORSOK M-501 Revision 6


  • ISO 20340: Cyclic Durability Testing
  • ISO 4624: Adhesion Testing
  • ISO 4628-6: Degradation of coatings
  • ISO 874/BS 476 Part 21
  • Very low Water absorption

Key benefits
Save time and money
  • Reduces installation cost
  • Faster project completion
  • Potential single coat application
  • Fewer installation days
  • Less man hours
Brochure, Jotachar JF750


Concertina, Jotachar JF750


Presenter, Jotachar JF750

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