Baltoflake range

Glass flake reinforced polyester coatings - the ultimate protection

Outstanding resistance to abrasion, water and most chemicals makes Baltoflake ideal for industrial and offshore structures - for all exposed steelwork; from splash zone to helicopter deck.

A virtually impermeable barrier of glass flakes keeps moisture and oxygen blocked.
Combines the strength of specially formulated polyesters with a unique glass flake reinforcement.

In addition to the original Baltoflake there is a version providing smoother surface; Baltoflake S2000.

Key benefits
Tough - Hard - Strong
  • Immense strength and protection against water, chemicals, solvents, abrasion and mechanical attack - outperforming traditional solutions like metallizing and epoxy coatings
  • Stands up to the most hostile environment - from the rough weather in the North Sea to the hot and humid climate of South East Asia
  • Excellent substrate wetting and adhesion reduce the risk of undercutting corrosion
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