Rebar Coatings

Concrete corrosion represents a problem of high magnitude from both safety and economy perspectives. Reinforcing steel corrosion has been identified as the primary form of degradation in reinforced concrete structures worldwide.

Jotun Powder Coatings have identified the losses caused by reinforcement steel bars corrosion and have aimed to reduce them by using a system which delivers quality, performance and value.

R3 is a line of Corro-Coat EP-F premium quality Fusion Bond Epoxy coatings specifically designed to increase the longevity of concrete structures.

What is R3?

Corro-Coat EP-F offers protection against corrosion of reinforcing steel bars and a reduction of spalling of the surrounding concrete, providing a project with the structural integrity it requires.

Corro-Coat EP-F resists corrosion from the soluble salts that may have been incorporated in the original mix due to their presence in the sand, aggregate or water.

When you specify Corro-Coat EP-F provides assurance for project owners and contractors alike that the quality expected from Jotun Powder Coatings will be present and delivered without compromise.

Sporting a track record of over 30 years in climatic-challenged environments across the globe, R3 constitutes a sound proven cost effective preventive solution to concrete corrosion.

R3 the mark of excellence


on Corro-Coat EP-F Rebar Coatings' product line


benefits of Corro-Coat EP-F can be secured through controlled plant application and cautious rebar handling.


General information:

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