Era-Coat MDF

Era-Coat is Jotun’s new umbrella brand of powder coatings for heat-sensitive substrates, such as MDF, especially created for industrial designers and furniture makers. Era-Coat MDF 32T is the textured grade powder coatings for MDF.

Era-Coat MDF. Freedom of design.

Era-Coat MDF 32T
Era-Coat MDF - Freedom of designAdaptable enough to bring to life any design concept and available in a wide range of colours, Era-Coat MDF 32T is ideal for a host of areas. These include office furniture and screens; retail displays and shelving; flat-pack furniture; doors and countertops; kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes.

Era-Coat MDF Primo
In conjunction with Era-Coat MDF 32T, Jotun Powder Coatings have created Era-Coat MDF Primo, a basecoat developed for the MDF furniture coating industry. This gives excellent adhesion and sealing properties to the MDF board. When used in combination with Era-Coat MDF 32T as a top coat, and following strict quality and process control procedures, Era-Coat MDF Primo opens the use of MDF powder coatings to a larger and more valuable market.

Era-Coat MDF Primo and Era-Coat MDF 32T is the MDF solution for the furniture industry.

Era-Coat MDF - Freedom of design

Environmentally friendly
Jotun Powder Coatings is committed to minimising any environmental damage. Because Era-Coat MDF powder coatings are a dry finish, they do not contain solvents nor release any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making them environmentally friendly, a major advantage over other systems.

Coats any shape
Era-Coat MDF - Coats any shape
Era-Coat MDF has the benefit for industrial designers that it works with any shape, as well as rounded corners and contoured edges. Because the finish coats all surfaces, Era-Coat MDF 32T offers almost unlimited design opportunities. With no vinyl foils or edge banding to lift, the coating ensures a longer product life.

Superior to other systems
Era-Coat MDF 32T ensures a seamless coated surface, and can coat both the front and back of the MDF board at once. Reclaimable, safe and resistant to scratches, water, stains and impact, the quality, durability and simplicity of this finish makes it far superior to other systems.


For more information, and to order the Era-Coat MDF brochure, please contact:

Olaf Conreur
Product Manager - Industrial

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