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Jotun Powder Coatings provides continuous support to industrial products’ designers and coating applicators by formulating powder coatings that make their conceptions materialize into real life commodities and products used in everyday life.

New products, new designs, new styles, new colours and new technologies call for custom-designed powder coatings for custom-designed applications. Custom-designed powder means the products can be formulated to meet the expected technical and aesthetic requirements.


Custom-designed powder coatings for aluminium wheel rims, engine blocks, suspension springs, seat and window frames, brake pads, etc.

Compressors, sewing machine stands, hand tools, scales, industrial rice cookers, agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, tractors, etc.

Custom-designed powder coatings for gas cylinders, electric motors, gasoline pumps, drums, containers, mailboxes, satellite dishes, etc.

Powder coatings for decorative lamps, light fixtures and fitting for indoor and outdoor application.

Products engineered for residential, commercial and industrial shelving suited for light and heavy-duty loads.

Products designed for steel and aluminium fences, widely used as architectural and landscape furniture.


freedom of design


can meet the OEMs and the applicators requirements for Thin film coatings, Low temperature-Fast cure coatings, Corro-Coat Concept, etc.


suitable for indoors and outdoors metal applications for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial use.


General information:

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