ColourBeats – a brand new collection of colours for the architectural powder coatings line, featuring a total of four different collections with six stylings in each that emulate the vibrancy of sound and harmony to provide the fitting colour scheme for a wide array of modern structural designs.
Can you hear it?

A symphony of city shades echo to the ColourBeats. The audible vibration between aluminium and concrete. Gold against girder; stone against steel.

Move to a four six beat – four ranges, six shades in each. Mix it up or keep it pure of tone for individual styles, unique sounds, fresh and funky urban rhythms.

Compose your own style to define your own icon. A spectrum of sound entwined around a harmony of hues. Life-energetic, styles in sync, sounds and beats bring Jotun Powder Coatings colour trends to life.

The city is your canvas. Play it by ear.


for long lasting beauty


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General information:

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