Pipeline Coatings

Jotun Powder Coatings manufactures and supplies a complete line of FBE coatings to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry in transporting cold or hot temperature material.
The product portfolio includes FBE coatings that can be used in a stand-alone, dual-layer or three-layer systems, as a primer or an overcoat. Jotun Powder Coatings also supplies FBE coatings for bends and fittings, anti-slip, girth weld and repair work.

Stand-alone system
FBE coatings for factory applications offering outstanding handling and bending properties with impact, hot water and cathodic disbondment resistance.

FBE coatings can be used in two-layer systems as a primer topped with a compatible FBE coating and a polyethylene or polypropylene adhesive layer. They can meet the requirements for high temperature, impact performance, and cathodic disbondment resistance.

Three-layer system
In a three-layer system, FBE coatings can be used as a primer topped with a specially designed adhesive layer and a polyolefin topcoat. FBE coatings can be specified to meet a wide range of operating conditions and environments.


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is a novel synergistic combination of fusion bond epoxy (FBE) powder coatings

L.E.C. 20+

Discover the novel product line of FBE coatings enabling pipes to be coated at temperatures well below 200ÂșC

H.O.T. 150

to meet the demand for pipelines corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures


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