Metal Furniture and Fixtures

New visions, new designs, new styles, new colours and new trends call for custom-designed powder coatings for custom-designed applications. Custom-designed powder means the products can be formulated to meet the expected technical and aesthetic requirements.

Products suitable for tables and table legs, chairs, beds, TV stands, speaker stands, audio towers, cabinets, doors, switchgear, etc.

Powder coatings designed for white magnetic boards, chalkboards and card holders in classrooms, offices and conference rooms.

Products designed for dining tables and chairs, umbrella stands, bistros, benches, floor and wall planters, lawn mowers, etc.

Products designed for steel and aluminium fences, widely used as architectural and landscape furniture.

Powder coatings for decorative lamps, light fixtures and fitting for indoor and outdoor applications.

Products engineered for residential, commercial and industrial shelving suited for light and heavy-duty loads.


freedom of design


can meet the OEMs and the applicators requirements


can be custom-engineered to meet the OEMs’ and the applicators’ expected performance.


General information:

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