Valve coatings
Valves are an essential regulator in modern life. They turn on and off, modulate, regulate or isolate fluids, from water faucets to gas and oil pipelines.
Without modern valve systems, there would be no fresh water, automatic heat, public utilities and almost no energy of any kind. They are priceless elements in modern-day society and are vital to most manufacturing processes and supply systems.

To ensure life goes on without interruption, valves are required to perform with great reliability. With many of the applications located in severe environments and using harsh chemicals the risk of corrosion is high. An anticorrosion coating is hence essential to reliability.

Corro-Coat EP-F Series 5000 products are anti-corrosion FBE powder coating based on a proven technology in protecting pipelines travelling across some of the harshest terrain on the planet.

Corro-Coat EP-F 5001 is compliant with standards for use in contact with drinking water including BS 6920, AS/NZ 4158 and with operating temperature ranges up to 85°C.

Corro-Coat EP-F 5002 is designed for non potable water and chemical systems.


General information:

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