Global penguin

The development of the Jotun Group may be illustrated through the story behind our logo and trademark.

Jotun took its name from Norwegian mythology and the Jotunheimen moutain range. Originally our logo was a hammer which Jotun had stolen from Thor, the God of thunder. During the 1930's the hammer became a political symbol and was, therefore, replaced by a gigant carrying Thor's hammer over his shoulder.

The gigant looked more like a troll and was replaced by a reindeer in flight with the Jotunheimen mountains in the background. But it still wasn't right. It was then that the penguin was suggested, a natural choice given Gleditsch's whaling background in the Antarctic, and that the penguin is attractive yet tough. The logo was modernised in the 1970s to bring the international side to the fore by drawing a globe around the penguin. These days Jotun's penguin has really gone global and is recognised all over the world.

General information:

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