The beginning

The beginning of the paint business
Odd Gleditsch started to develop his talent for business when he opened a paint distributor's shop in 1920. It was a good time for the whaling industry, and Gleditsch soon worked his way into the business of supplier to the whaling fleets in Sandefjord, Tønsberg, and Larvik.
As sales to the whaling fleet increased, Gleditsch saw the pontential in manufacturing the paint himself. At Gimle, outside Sandefjord, there was an oil mill (Gimle Oljemølle A/S) which was close to bankrupcy - an oil mill which produced antifoulings and marine paints sold through the Gleditsch paint shop.

On 12th March 1926, Gleditsch invited shareholders to subscribe to the new company. With a share capital of NOK 60.000, Jotun Kemiske Fabrik A/S was founded, and bought the plant of Gimle Oljemølle A/S, with Odd Gleditsch as managing director.

At this stage, Odd Gleditsch placed great emphasis on quality. The production plant was modernised and product quality improved, all of which lead to increased sales.


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