A well defined Corporate Identity is a daily reminder of our products
First impressions are crucial for success in our business. Therefore, one of the necessary conditions for establishing customer loyalty to our products is a visually inviting and memorable identity through all our marketing efforts; products, packaging, communication materials, advertising, plants and rolling stock. We want the customer to remember Jotun by our attention to the values of our company and our products.

A consistent Jotun identity presentation should always emphasize values important to the customer. It has to support our marketing efforts by effectively communicating specific qualities expected by customers in all our markets worldwide. It makes purchasing our products faster, easier and more convenient. It contributes to Jotun being perceived in a more attractive way and increases our positon as one of the world's leading companies in our trade.

Taking care of our Corporate Identity is an ongoing process. It must therefore be managed, adjusted, developed and strengthened at all levels in all regions, where we are in competition with alternatives to our product lines. In all our communications the message should be crystal clear: ’This is Jotun – this is a Jotun product’.

Morten Fon
President and CEO
Jotun Group



Learn how to use and apply Jotun's logotype in a correct manner.


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Knut Øivind Malmin
VP Multicolor/Jotun Corporate Identity

Kari-Ellen Liverød
Group Communication

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