Working in Jotun
Working areas

As an international group of companies, covering the whole value chain, Jotun has a variety of working areas.

Research and development - innovation and quality are paramount in Jotun paint and powder production. We have a global network of 300 highly skilled professionals developing tomorrow's innovations.


Production - Our 38 factories in 24 countries produce different types of paints and coatings.


Engineering - is the specialist function that covers issues related to building new factories and maintaining existing sites. Monitoring safety aspects and ensuring that operations are in compliance with standards, laws and regulations are also important tasks.


Technical service - 95 per cent of all coating failures are caused by poor surface preparation and application. More than 400 technically specialised employees use their knowledge to ensure that Jotun is perceived as the preferred supplier of paints and coatings.


Sales and marketing - Jotun serves a wide range of customers and markets worldwide. In an industry characterised by rapid change, these functions are continously developed to ensure that we stay ahead of our competitors.


Logistics and warehousing - Effective logistics and distribution processes are competitive advantages we emphasise in order to meet our customer's expectations.


Support functions - To support Jotun's operations, we have specialists providing the organisation with services in areas like HR, Finance, HSE, IT/IS, Purchasing, Legal, Communication and Business Development.

A global leader

Jotun is one of the world's leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and powder coatings. The group has 70 companies and 38 production facilities in 37 countries on all continents. In addition, Jotun has agents, branch offices and distributors in more than 80 countries. Jotun's total sales in 2010 were NOK 13,452 million, and has today 7,800 employees. The Jotun Group has four divisions, and its head office in Sandefjord, Norway.