Odd Gleditsch d.y.

Third generation
The appointment of Odd Gleditsch d.y. as the new chairman of Jotun, marked the accession of a new generation. Now the third generation has taken the helm and Nicolai Eger (grandson of Gleditsch sr) has been elected to the board. This means that representatives of all four branches of Odd Gleditsch sr's family are now represented on Jotun's board.

This year's annual general meeting was a memorable occasion since it was also a major well-earned homage to Odd Gleditsch jr who stepped down as chairman on account of the age limit. He had been chairman for 30 years and a Jotun employee for 47. As executive chairman he was actively involved in setting a course for the company and determining how the business should develop. The new chairman put everyone's thoughts into words: "Without my father, Jotun would have developed far less successfully."

Gleditsch jr has been a real foreign ambassador for Jotun and his work abroad, and the internationalisation of the company has been bold and well thought out. The man himself gave a speech on his views on managment and the development of the company, saying that the building up a business needs good products, good staff, capital, and earnings. Each brick rests on the last, and a company must respect the culture of the other countries. Long-term growth is far more than zipping up and down the share performance listings like the IT companies of today. A queue of people praised the departing chairman with speeches both during the meeting and at dinner afterwards.

In his first speech to Jotun's shareholders the new chairman said that he would not be directly involved in the day-to-day running of the company like his father. "While this is a change for the company, I have every confidence in our president and CEO Knut Almestrand," said Odd Gleditsch d.y. He also said that there are no plans to change Jotun's ownership structure and that it will continue to be a family business


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