Odd Gleditsch Jr

The foreign minister
Often referred to as Jotun's ambassador, our former Chairman was also the driving force behind the enormous merger which took place in the Norwegian paint industry in 1971. At the time he was the Managing Director of the family-run buisness, A/S JOTUN Odd Gleditsch.
The merger was not hailed as a huge success in the media. One journalist wrote, "To merge two companies is difficult, three nigh on impossible, but to successfully merge four companies would be a miracle."

Originally both Managing Director and Chairman of the group, Odd Gleditsch jr. was forced by regulations to choose between the two positions and ultimatly went for that of Chairman. With him at the helm, the miracle really did happen.
He has more experience than most in the international arena - having set up Jotun's first operation way back in 1961 (a paint factory in Libya), he has since forged ahead with Jotun's highly successful international expansion programme.

Most impressive of all is his constant striving for a long-term approach, as seen in both his outlook and his actions. It is this which has laid the foundation for international expansion, and has turned Jotun into a business which still has considerable development potential in industries where international competition is fierce.


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