Odd Gleditsch Sr

The man behind Jotun
The history of a company usually starts with its establishment. In the case of Jotun, we go further back in time - to the younger days of Odd Gleditsch, founder of the company.

Odd Gleditsch played a very special role in the development of Jotun, not only during his time as a Managing Director, but also during later years right up to his death in 1990. His personality had an extraordinary influence on the company, on employees, among customers, and on everyone with whom he came in contact.

He had a particular gift for creating enthusiasm among employees at all levels. He once said; "If I have a secret weapon, it is my ability to find able employees and to listen, and listen carefully, to their thoughts, suggestions and ideas." Many people would say that it was this very way of thinking that created the able employees.


General information:

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