Expansion abroad
As a supplier of marine coatings to the Norwegian merchant navy, Jotun always had contacts throughout the world.
In 1962, international activies were introduced with the establishment of the first production plant outside Norway, in Libya. Libya was a kingdom at the time, active in oil exploration, and the indications were that the economy would develop fast. Odd Gleditsch junior was in the Jotun management, and on his initiative Libyan Norwegian Industrial Company - Linoco - was established.

Although Jotun's shareholding in Linoco was gradually reduced over time and eventually ceased in the mid-1980's, Linoco played an important role in the international development of Jotun. Valuable experience was gained in the establishing and running of an international company, and this became the platform for Jotun's later development as a major paints manufacturer in the Middle East and South East Asia.


General information:

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