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After months on shore, the summer season is approaching and so is the dream of lazy summer days at sea - feel the wind in your hair, hear the engine roar or let the sail catch the summer breeze. The marinas are waking up and are soon filled with people and activity.

Our aim is to give you the best solution for an easy and efficient preparation of your boat that will last throughout the entire season.

Founded in Norway, Jotun is a world leader in marine products. We have been developing innovative products for the harshest environments since 1926 and our painting systems have been tested in every ocean in the world.

Discover our products, follow the instructions and learn from the useful application hints and you will soon be able to set sail for the horizon.

Have you seen our exciting news for the 2012 season?


Learn more about Aqualine Optima and TopGloss Brush and Roller.

Jotun Yachting products have been proven in use in every sea and ocean of the world

The biggest problem that can befall a fibreglass boat can be solved by Jotun Yachting osmosis treatment - guaranteed for 5 years

Jotun offers theoretical and practical training for better technical understanding

Jotun Yachting products are available through all over Europe - your local Jotun office is ready to assit

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