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Bilges are challenging to keep in good condition as a lot of water and oil remain inside them. Furthermore, these areas may be the starting point of osmosis.

Paints for bilges must provide:

  • A waterproof barrier
  • Resistance to oil and fuel
  • High durability as confined spaces are difficult to access
One-pack products have been commonly used as they are easy to apply and quick-drying. However, two-pack products provide better and more long-lasting protection. Jotun can provide various systems with two-pack products.

The engine is a key element for sailing and safety, and to be kept in optimal condition it must be maintained properly. Paint the engine frequently to keep it look like new, protect against corrosion and make cleaning and further maintenance easier.

Paints for engines must provide:
  • Resistance to water, oil and fuel
  • Resistance to high engine temperatures
  • High durability as confined spaces are difficult to access
Engines are often painted in the corporate colours of the engine manufacturer. Jotun can match any colour with our MultiColor tinting system, and all our Yachting topoats can be used for engine maintenance. After the correct primer, such as AntiPest or Epoxy Yacht HB, we recommend TopGloss, TopOne*) or Shipolin. On top of Vinyl Primer, we recommend TopOne*) or Shipolin.

*) Limited colour range

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